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Ryan Pelter

Ryan Pelter, Chairman, Senior Design Engineer. Our new company name is Liberty Engineered Wire Products.

Welcome to the Wire Reinforcement Institute (WRI) website and thank you for your interest in welded wire reinforcement (WWR).  WRI's goal is to advance the understanding of the benefits of using welded wire reinforcement -- steel reinforcement that can be used in virtually any structural application across the full range of concrete construction. Unlike competitive products, it is cold-worked, giving it higher yield strength, and is produced in preformed sheets that eliminate time-consuming job-site layout and tying. It can save time, labor and dollars. ACI Standards and codes govern its use. From highways and bridges to airports and sports stadiums, this product demonstrates unparalleled strength and endurance in infrastructure construction of many types.  Contact a member for more information.


The Wire Reinforcement Institute's mission is to be the concrete construction industry's leading source for timely, objective, credible information on the uses and benefits of Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) and related products.  There are several categories of membership you can access here.

"Men of Steel*" -- the start of an industry.

Lambot, Wilkinson, Coignet, Monier, Wayss, Bauchinger, Ward, Ransome, Thomson, Perry. They are pioneers from another century. They drew attention to and popularized it -- reinforced concrete -- the most versatile of all building materials.

Pease, Coons, Glose, Schusler, Shepherd, Stewart, Egan, Capouch and others were producers. ...They built an industry around the discovery of high-strength welded wire reinforcement (WWR) and formed the Wire Reinforcement Institute (WRI).

The founders' original purpose was stated: "to provide a centralized organization to exploit the technical and utilitarian merits of wire as used for concrete reinforcement.  Wholly independent of the commercial interests of any single manufacturer, the Institute will function as a purely promotional organization, its activities including the assembly and dissemination of authentic information data and statistics relevant to welded wire fabric's uses."

The idea of reinforcing concrete, a material which had been around since Roman times, seems to have had its first realization in a small boat! In 1850, a French man named Lambot built a concrete boat in which iron bars were embedded, presumably for greater strength. It floated!

*  Historical information is excerpted from Men of Steel - the Story of Welded Wire Fabric and the Wire Reinforcement Institute.  The 50th anniversary printed story and a complete listing of Wire Reinforcement Institute leaders is available on this site in the Technical Library under RESOURCES.  Also available is a short video podcast overview of welded wire reinforcement.

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