The Wire Reinforcement Institute promotes and advocates for the use of welded wire reinforcement, an inherently sustainable construction material characterized by the following beneficial attributes:

  • Welded wire reinforcement consists of 100% recycled steel scrap.
  • The welded wire reinforcement manufacturing process utilizes automated electric resistance welding machines without producing harmful gas byproducts.
  • The welded wire reinforcement material is commonly produced at a yield strength of 80 ksi, consuming less steel than a 60 ksi engineered solution.
  • The prefabricated nature of welded wire reinforcement requires fewer labor hours, and materials for installation when compared to a traditional system of hand-tied pieces of reinforcement.
  • The high precision of welded wire reinforcement machine-based assembly significantly reduces unnecessary material waste.

Our Association is committed to building awareness, encouraging usage of welded wire reinforcement, and promoting sustainable construction reinforcement designed systems.