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Pre-Bent Welded Wire Reinforcement Mats Can Save on Installed Costs

The ability to deliver pre-bent, fabricated welded wire reinforcement (WWR) mats to a job site magnifies the potential for significant savings on the installed cost of a project’s steel reinforcement package. Bending welded wire reinforcement literally adds a third dimension to concrete reinforcement ...

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Welded Wire Reinforcement Fabrication Has Plain and Deformed Wire Options

Welded wire reinforcement is fabricated with deformed steel wire, plain/non-deformed wire, or some combination of the two.  Each is effective in different project applications. Deformed wire used for the manufacturing of welded wire reinforcement is an orthogonal arrangement of structural wires ...

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wwr photoWelded Wire Reinforcement - - A Proven Quality and Profitable Choice in Construction

Welded Wire Reinforcment (WWR) is labeled the construction industry’s “best kept secret” by some, although history shows it’s been used effectively since Roman times.  Today, concrete structures are being successfully and economically reinforced with high-strength, uniformly-distributed welded wire ...

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