Technical Consulting Engineer

The Wire Reinforcement Institute is currently recruiting for a Civil Engineer to provide technical assistance to industry and association members. This is a consulting position responsible to the Chair of the WRI. Extensive experience in reinforcement applications and detailing is required. BS/MS and/or PE is preferred. Some travel is required. Please reply with a Resume to WRI c/o Robert J. Weil, 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360
Fairfax, Virginia 22030 or electronically to

Job Description (click here to view PDF)

WRI Technical Consultant

Summary Description: Independent contractor acts as a consultant to Wire Reinforcement Institute and its members. Performs engineering consulting and technical assistance services, including but not limited to, writing articles, Tech Facts and Case Studies and attending industry meetings and conferences promoting the use and benefits of welded wire reinforcement.

Supervision: Works under the general supervision of the Board of Directors of the Wire Reinforcement Institute, specifically the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Works closely with other WRI consultants, including marketing, technical consultants and WRI’s legal counsel in order to coordinate activities.

Compensation: Independent contractor paid on a monthly basis for consulting services.  The compensation amount will be determined according to qualifications and experience of the prospective candidate. All WRI related travel and expenses reimbursed.

Goal: Primary job is to provide technical assistance to assist with the promotion and advancement of the use of welded wire reinforcement throughout the North American market.


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Represents Wire Reinforcement Institute on various standard and code committees (i.e. ASTM, ACI, PCI, AASHTO, WRI, CRSI, and ACI, etc.) in order to ensure the best interests of the industry. Coordinates with other technical consultants, the WRI Chair and the Technical Committee Chair in regard to these schedules.
  • Responds to technical inquiries regarding wire reinforcement products as presented by those in the industry or by the general public. Works with the marketing consultant and other technical consultants to ensure the timely and accurate response to such inquiries.
  • Serves as liaison for collection of various information on a confidential basis when so directed by the WRI Board of Directors.
  • Creates and updates technical manuals related to wire reinforcement products for publication.
  • Instigates development of case studies to outline the benefits of wire reinforcement products for publication. Works with the marketing consultant to develop methods of marketing these reports to enhance the education of the general industry in order to educate on the benefits of using welded wire reinforcement.
  • Prepares educational and technical presentation for educational and promotional visits to groups associated with the specification wire reinforcement in various projects. Groups that may be identified include state or regional Department of Transportation meetings, engineering or architectural trade associations or meetings, educational institutions specializing in engineering or related field, or other appropriate groups. These presentations will be viewed by the current officers of WRI (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer) and the marketing consultant in order to provide input and direction prior to institution of this program. All members of the WRI Board of Directors will be provided timely input of planned presentations in the event that they or their organizations wish to participate.
  • Participate in the development of the technical program at the Wire Reinforcement Institute’s semi-annual meetings. Work towards bringing more value to member participants at these meetings.
  • Represent Institute at the annual World of Concrete show. Work with other consultants on booth setup and presentation.


This list is an attempt to outline the broad range of services required by the consultant. Additional services or responsibility requirements will be updated on an ongoing basis by the Chair of the WRI Board of Directors.