Special Publications

NEW! WWR-500-R-16: Manual of Standard Practice--Structural Welded Wire Reinforcement 2016
This manual provides current product information, material specifications, and properties, and lists current ACI 318 Code provisions relating to WWR. Tables and design aids are included on splicing and areas of cross sections for various wire spacings. Two new sections cover testing of wire and welded wire reinforcement, as well as handling and placing guidelines.

A Sample Specification for Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) 2006, 6 pages
​We have had many requests for an example of a Sample Specification that design and construction professionals may review when preparing their own construction documents. This is a sample specification prepared by an engineer with a WRI member producer. (Please review the WRI Disclaimer attached at the end of the document.)

WRI Tech Facts

TF 202-R-14: How to Specify, Order & Use Welded Wire Reinforcement in Residential & Light Commercial Construction - Updated 2014 - 8 pages
A comprehensive publication that answers many questions on specifications and nomenclature on wire sizes and styles for ordering information. It also has guidelines on placing and supporting WWR. There are numerous examples, data tables, and photos.

TF 209-R-08: Design Aids For Structural Welded Wire Reinforcement (includes WWR/Rebar Comparison Tables) 2008, 2nd Printing, 14 pages
This issue contains lists of ASTM & AASHTO Standards that apply to wire and WWR. Also ASTM physical properties for minimum yield and tensile strengths and minimum weld shear strength criteria. There are examples using the included 4 sets of tables. The tables compare various spacings of rebar at 60 ksi yield strength with various spacings of WWR at 60, 70, 75, and 80 ksi yield strengths.

TF 209-R-08M: Metric: Design Aids For Structural Welded Wire Reinforcement (includes WWR/Rebar Comparison Tables) 2008, 2nd Printing, 14 pages
This issue is a metric-centered version of TF 209-R-08.

TF 702-R-08: Supports Are Needed for Long-Term Performance of Welded Wire Reinforcement In Slabs-On-Grade Updated 2008, 6 pages
The questions of "why" and "where" supports are necessary are covered in this publication. Types of supports for WWR and the influence of the sub base conditions on their selection are addressed. Suggested spacings of supports are furnished to show the different spacings when wide spaced WWR (step-through styles) is specified vs. the smaller spaced styles.

WRI Case Studies

CS 299-R-03: Case Study - Research Results - High Performance Can Be Achieved with Welded Wire Reinforcement in Paving & Slabs when Proper Cover Exists 1999, 4 pages
A case study of 3 projects that were researched by Prof. Luke Snell include two industrial slabs - one 3 years and the other 11 years old. The Il DOT interstate paving study is over 30 years old. The study shows that when properly placed and supported WWR exists, high quality and long term performance can be expected.


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