University of Texas at El Paso
2015/2016 academic year/graduate award

Engineering and architecture in his blood

Chasing a PhD in civil engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso, is a discipline in Alfonso Garcia's blood.  He's been watching his older brother, an architect, and solving construction problems side-by-side with him since a young age.  His 2015/2016 academic year scholarship from the Wire Reinforcement Institute Foundation has helped push him closer to his engineering goals.  "Since I was young, I realized my purpose in life was to dedicate myself to understanding how and why things were built as they were.  Later, as a college student and project engineer, I was and have been engrossed in applying structural and civil engineering concepts while aggressively pursuing my own ideas."   Since 2012, he has held positions as an undergraduate and graduate research assistant and graduate teaching assistant for his university, and since 2014 has also been employed as a project engineer with Ultimate Concrete LLC in El Paso, Texas.  Garcia expects to complete his PhD by August 2016.

* Engineer in Training Certification

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