University of South Wyoming
2014/2015 academic year/high school award​

Helping others through engineering and architecture

"I have discovered my true passion and explored many engineering opportunities with programs such as Architecture for Humanity, which designs and builds economic- and environment-friendly buildings for third world countries," says Dutton. She is pursuing a degree in Architectural Engineering, where her academic strength lies in math, science, and drafting. "My WRI scholarship has been valuable to me as I pursue a career to design  aesthetically pleasing, unique, cost-effective, and environment-friendly structures. I believe that the value of a career is not just the income it provides; my hope is that I can impact my community, the engineering field, and the world through my structural engineering."   So far, she's well on her way. In addition to her studies, Dutton has completed an architecture independent student, has job shadowed multiple architects and a draftsman, and volunteered with the Saint Vincent Healthcare Clinical Engineering department.  Also notable is the fact that she is a member of the University of Wyoming chapter for Engineers Without Borders, where she's working on a project to supply a town in Guatemala with water for the community.  She has also already earned multiple honors for her studies.

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