University of New Brunswick
2015/2016 academic year/undergraduate award​

Combining science, math and creativity

“Engineering combines what I love -- the sciences and art,” explains University of New Brunswick undergrad Monica Norman, of New Brunswick. The scholarship she received for the 2015/2016 academic year from the Wire Reinforcement Institute Foundation has "advanced my educational goals, and has helped me focus on the many learning opportunities available through my university program." For instance, she has begun her undergraduate thesis project on the topic of Origami Applications in Structural Engineering. in which she plans to explore the potential of 3D folded plates for use in structures from both an engineering and aesthetic standpoint. While pursuing a bachelor's of science in civil engineering, she says she experiences just the combination she enjoys -- mechanics, analysis, math, and physics all wrapped up with design and her attraction to the arts. “I enjoy problem solving and overcoming challenges, working both the logical and creative sides of possible solutions and my personality.” Norman expects to complete her undergraduate degree in December of 2016, and continue on to a master's program in structural engineering.

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