University of South Carolina
2015/2016 academic year/undergraduate award​

Constructing and testing for improvement

"I can't help but notice and analyze every structure," says Robert Coleman. "I'm particularly concerned when I see the failing infrastructure of roads and bridges in my travels." His focus is not surprising, since Coleman's interest started as a child. He always enjoyed erecting structures with Lincoln Logs, Legos and more, then tearing them down and building his improved structures back up again. He got a quick start on his degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, transferring 27 hours of relevant high school work before he began his freshman year. "My WRI scholarship also helped me advance my interest in engineering at the University of South Carolina -- particularly transportation engineering." That shows in his college activities and awards too, including his membership in the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter, and being named a University of South Carolina Capstone Scholar. With his eye still on roads and bridges, Coleman says he would like to work as an intern and then full-time with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

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