Graduate Research Assistant
Utah State University
2014/2015 academic year/graduate award​

Exploring improvements in engineering education

All aspects of the world are influenced by civil and structural engineering," Utah State University graduate research assistant Taylor Sorensen of Utah reflects. "I have always admired great architectural works; it is my dream to become a creator of such great masterpieces.  I know that through an engineering career, I can make a difference in the world."  Sorensen credits his 2014/2015 academic year scholarship from The Wire Reinforcement Institute Foundation for helping him advance toward that goal. "Earning my master's degree is helping me gain the knowledge needed to pass the Professional Engineer (PE) licensing exam, while furthering my understanding and experience in such areas as precast concrete, and load and resistance factor design.”  In addition to his engineering studies, Sorensen is a graduate student exploring improvements in engineering education and a regular participant as a bassoonist in the Cache Symphony Orchestra.  He hopes to obtain his doctoral degree in May 2018.

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