Program Number: WRI-CEP01 Welded Wire Reinforcement: Design and Specification per ACI 318

WRI-CEP01 is an introductory course for structural engineers and construction professionals who are involved in the design of buildings and non-building structures utilizing welded wire reinforcement in reinforced concrete designs. The focus will be on familiarizing the attendee with the manufacture of WWR in accordance with ASTM A1064, the acceptance of the product in ACI 318 as a design material, examples of specification and design usage of the material in building elements, and the involvement required by the WWR manufacturer in assisting with the implementation of WWR into structural contract documents.

Course Intent

Course content is technical in nature and is intended to improve the attendee’s comprehension of welded wire reinforcement manufacture, usage, and structural behavior, as well the methods by which WWR can be implemented into design practice for reinforced concrete structures and the construction documents related thereto.

Intended Audience

  • Civil and structural engineering professionals
  • Construction professionals responsible for specification of concrete reinforcement
  • Manufacturing engineers


Through successful completion of this course, engineers are expected to:

  1. Exhibit improved or expanded skills and knowledge of welded wire reinforcement as a structural reinforcement.
  2. Have an enhanced ability to provide, in a professional and competent manner, design service related to welded wire reinforcement.

Course Credit (PDH/CEU)

1.0 Professional Development Hour
0.10 Continuing Education Unit

Course Instructor

Paul Aubee, PE, SE
(Principal Engineer at Artisan Structural, PLLC, and WRI Technical Consultant)

Administrative Information

  • This course is not a sales presentation
  • The WRI has satisfied the necessary pre-approval requirements for administering online continuing education courses in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. Provider numbers for these states will be printed on the Certificate of Completion available at the end of the course. The remaining states (U.S) U.S.not currently require pre-approval of continuing education provider or course. 
  • Beyond the aforementioned state-specific pre-approval requirements satisfied by the WRI, it is the attendee’s responsibility to verify the necessary compliance with and record-keeping for state board-specific requirements, and to ensure that the course content as described not only satisfies the state board’s definition of acceptable professional development activity, but is also representative of content that is relevant to the attendee’s field of practice.

Course Delivery & Instruction

Course Delivery and Instructions:

  1. This course is administered as a pre-recorded session, complete with audio and visual aids in a Microsoft PowerPoint-style format.  The attendee will have the ability to pause the course recording for note-taking purposes.  The attendee is not required to have Microsoft PowerPoint to view the course.
  2. The attendee will be given access to a downloadable PDF of the course presentation slides prior to starting the course.
  3. Upon completion of the course recording, the attendee will be prompted to take a quiz on the course material.  The quiz consists of twenty (20) multiple-choice questions.  To receive credit for this course, the attendee must answer at least fifteen (15) questions correctly to achieve a passing score.  There is no limitation on quiz attempts.
  4. Upon achieving a passing score on the quiz and for state licensing board audit purposes, the attendee will be required to provide attestation that the course content was viewed, and that the duration of contact time equals or exceeds the PDH credit time noted in the course description.  Attestation of attendance is accomplished by way of the attendee’s clicking a dialog box of the WRI attestation statement (statement is noted in quotations above).
  5. The attendee will be asked to fill out a course evaluation questionnaire.  This is for the purpose of maintaining or improving quality, relevant technical content on the part of WRI, as well as for state licensing board audit purposes.
  6. Upon completion of the course evaluation questionnaire, the attendee will be provided with a “Certificate of Course Completion” in downloadable PDF.  The certificate will include the following:
    1. Name of course
    2. Provider and presenter of course
    3. Continuing education credits
    4. Date course taken
    5. Attendee’s name
    6. Completion statement that reads: “through attestation of course attendance and by way of achieving a passing score on a culminating quiz that tests comprehension of course-specific technical content, the attendee listed below has successfully completed the course titled hereon”.
  7. As a courtesy to the attendee, downloadable PDFs of the Course Description page information, Attendee Sign-In page information, quiz results, Attestation Statement, and course evaluation questionnaire will be made available as accompaniments to the Certificate of Course Completion.